MJKO Resources at Home

Video Playlists

Missed a live-stream? No problem! Here you can find some of our most recent videos to watch at your own time. You can also visit our YouTube Channel.

Home Boxing Workouts

Beginner Boxing Series

Karaoke Tuesdays

Sing with 8X National Champ, Ibrahim Kamal

Scavenger Hunt Mondays

with Coach Jimmy

Cooking with MJKO

Prepare healthy recipes with the team

Athletes Resources


Wellness and Tips for work places.

Young girl training


Coaching is about growth, helping good performers maximize their potential.

MJKO coaches


Eating a balanced diet is vital for good health and well being.

Career Profiles

We highlight different careers to give youth some ideas for their future.

Mental Health Resources

Free mental health supports for youth and children and their caregivers.

Sheena’s Place

Dedicated to supporting women and teens with eating disorders

Young girl training


Provides resources and one on one support for caregivers.

MJKO coaches

University Health Network

Health care and medical research organization: Eating Disorder Program.

MJKO coaches

Mental Health TO

Connecting you to Mental Health Services in the Toronto Community.

Tel. 1-866-585-MHTO

What’s Up Walk-in Clinic

Immediate mental health counselling for children, youth, young adults and their families, and families with infants.

Tel. 1-866-585-6486

Bounce Back Ontario

Mental health coaching with trained mental health professionals

Tel. 1-866-345-0224

Wellness Canada

Provides 24/7 support for mental health, and substance use support.

Register online.