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MJKO is a charitable organization that promotes positive and healthy lifestyle choices through mentoring and leadership training. Our dream at MJKO is to create Community Champions by using the sport of non-contact boxing to get kids moving, thinking about healthy food choices, believing in impossible dreams and understanding the importance of volunteerism.

Testimonials: Vivek (Parent)

“Since our arrival in Toronto, MJKO has played an integral role in ensuring my daughter (8yrs.) and son (13 yrs.) have integrated into Canadian society with confidence, self-esteem, and self-respect. Moreover, MJKO has taught them the importance of contributing to the success of others in our community. Miranda Kamal, inspires students to remember that Community Success, is Their Success’
– Vivek Satoskar, parent

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Testimonials: Kristina

“Every day I came to MJKO boxing, I got better and better. Soon I was certified as a Coach and Official. Many youths come to boxing with their own story. This is mine… Thank you MJKO”
– Kristina Fratrikova, 18

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Testimonials: Susan Yun

“MJKO has created an opportunity for our students to engage in a new physical sport that spans across cultural barriers and grades. Their message of ‘working hard’, ‘perseverance’ and developing leadership skills is very strong. They instilled hope where none previously existed. Through the confidence they developed with MJKO, our students hold their heads high in the country they now call ‘home’ ”.
– Susan Yun, Principal, Parkdale Public School

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Testimonials: Annika

“Boxing is my life. It’s the only thing in my life that brings a true smile on my face. I joined this program so I can learn more about boxing so when I’m older I can do it for a living. Also, when someone needs help I will know First Aid and CPR to save them. …I will not give up.”
– Annika, 15

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Testimonials: Phillip

“In discussion with my officers who actually work with the children, I was advised that there has been a real improvement in their discipline and demeanor. This program allowed the officers to appear “human‐like” in the eyes of the participants and some wonderful relationships have been established. ”
-Phillip Van Andel, Staff Sergeant, 11 Division Community Response Unit

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As you consider making a contribution, we ask you to recall your own experiences with extracurricular programming and the positive impacts on your life. Many of us were fortunate enough to have parents that were able to access the resources to keep us active and involved in activities that boosted our self-esteem. Not every family can afford these resources, but those children should still have access to programs that will keep them engaged the betterment of themselves and our community.  Every donation, regardless of the amount, will ensure that MJKO participants have all the resources they need.

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