Board of Directors

MJKO has six Directors from diverse backgrounds rooted in the community.  

Our Board represents community members who self-identify as Black, Chinese, Dutch, Filipino, White, Caribbean, and LGBTQ2S+. Our Board is 50% male and 50% female, with a 35-year age spread demographically. Our Board includes members who reside in South Parkdale and whose children participate in MJKO’s programs. MJKO believes that our community decides the services they need, and we, as a leadership team, do what we can to bring these programs and services to life in response to their needs. 

Brian Jollymore

Brian Jollymore

Board Chair

Brian is a retired Professional Engineer. When not providing emergency response support, he spent most of his career in the Federal government developing national environmentally friendly construction methods, regulatory guidelines and training packages preventing damage to Canada’s fish habitat resource. As a past national trainer, he has enhanced facilitator skills, multi-stakeholder conflict resolution training, cross-cultural sensitivity awareness and public presentation experience. He has extensive knowledge in the areas of project development, contracts and grant proposal reviews.

Brian’s faith community, the Salvation Army, places a high value on people, no matter their social background or ethnic origin. To help people better their lives is an incredible privilege.

He has received recognition for his contribution to a National Youth Internship Program from Marcel Masse, a past President of the Treasury Board of Canada

In addition to MJKO, he still volunteers in a hands-on capacity during a weekly fall and winter program entitled Jack Frost.  The Salvation Army mobile truck/kitchen provides meals, food, limited clothing and conversation for the housing challenged or people affected by poverty.  He is also a past Council member for the annual Halifax, NS, Metro Keswick Convention.

Michelle Fletcher

Michelle Fletcher


Michelle Fletcher is a Digital Imaging Technologist at Toronto Metropolitan University. In her daily employment, she interacts with students of all ages but joined the MJKO Board of Directors to become further involved with students in the broader community. Ms. Fletcher is a NCCP level 2 boxing coach with Boxing Ontario.

Randy Phipps

Randy Phipps

Director of Public Relations (Secretary)

Randy Phipps is a public relations professional and the Founder of RP Communications. With an exceptional eye for detail and a constant finger on the pulse, Randy has a natural talent for storytelling, generating buzz, and guiding clients through the ever-changing media landscape. Constantly working to keep names and brands top-of-mind, Randy’s clients are regularly featured on broadcast platforms, in print media, and through digital publications. With an extensive roster of award-winning clients, Randy is responsible for representing some of the most celebrated figures, brands and organizations spanning various industries globally. Born out of Randy’s drive to help individuals find their own unique voices, RP Communications is a full-service PR firm that offers a breadth of services ranging from publicity and social media management to content creation and creative direction. With a passion for working with the community and a strong belief in giving back, Randy is also an avid volunteer, as well as an involved Board member of various charities. In 2015, Randy was awarded the prestigious Legacy Award by Volunteer Toronto for his continued dedication to the community.

Sisi Cao

Sisi Cao


Sisi Cao is a Chartered Professional Accountant with experience in private education and P&C insurance. She joined MKJO in 2019, hoping to give back to the community and empower the youth in the neighbourhood.

P.C. Mark Borsboom

P.C. Mark Borsboom

Director Community Outreach, 2016 Ontario Medal for Police Bravery

P.C. Mark Borsboom was honored as one of the 2014 Toronto Police Service Officers of the Year by the Toronto Region Board of Trade. Mark was chosen based on the virtues of bravery, humanitarianism, superior investigative work and outstanding police skills. In March 2014, Mark and his partner risked their lives crawling into a burning building to help save the lives of fifteen others including two children.

Mark Borsboom was born in Toronto to a Filipino mother and Dutch father. His first home was in Malvern. As a Police Officer in Toronto’s busy 14th Division, Mr. Borsboom was integral to the creation of a special unit of school watch officers. Mr. Borsboom is the primary liaison between the Toronto Police Department and MJKO.

Maya Ali

Maya Ali


As a Registered Early Childhood Educator, Omayya (Maya) knows children are filled with curiosity and should be given the opportunity to explore the world around them through play. She chose this field because it gives her the opportunity to support children as they develop meaningful skills in a safe, diverse and inclusive environment that respects and celebrates all families and children.

Maya is passionate about volunteerism in her community. She has devoted her time to the numerous organizations in the Parkdale community such as the Parkdale Food Bank, MJKO and Parkdale United Church. Maya has lived in Parkdale for many years and knows some of the issues that the community faces. Through her volunteerism, she had met marginalized individuals from all walks of life, gained friendships and experiences that made a profound impact in her life.

Testimonials: MJKO Alumni

“You have certain values that you were taught while being at MJKO. It leaves an imprint that you take with you. It doesn’t matter where you go – you spread it without actually really trying to – it just comes naturally. So I definitely consider  myself a community champion because if there’s any way that I can help out in an event or [help] a person or group I love to do it. I love helping people and that’s something I learned at MJKO.” 

- MJKO Alumni

Testimonials: MJKO Study

Participants indicated the power of sport was its ability to connect people. For example, one participant shared, sports are great because I met every one of my friends at MJKO… without sports I wouldn’t be the person I am today.” Another participant shared, I think sports are great because it brings people together as one. It also makes people healthier. It’s just a fun thing to do.” Another youth shared, I think sport is great because it allows people to be both social and keep fit/be active.” And, “boxing is great because we get to not only learn new techniques but we also meet new people and get motivated.”  


Perhaps the best summary is a quote from this youth participant: I wish people knew that MJKO isn’t just boxing – it’s opportunities.

Testimonials: TPS Officer

"MJKO is one of the biggest after-school programs that we participate in. Miranda - I mean, we've seen her work [and] it's definitely working. The things she does - it's phenomenal. The kids all respect her, and these are the kids that don't like police. They don't have respect for authority. But I see the same kids go to Miranda's class, and they're totally different kids. So, we participate, and those kids are starting to open up to us too. I guess using sports is one of the biggest ways to influence them, right. So, it's working really well for us too. That's why we really appreciate the partnership with MJKO"

- Toronto Police Services Officer

Testimonials: TDSB Principal

“Activities that many of our kids – they look forward to it. They build connections – they’re enjoying [them] – they’re active – they’re learning. It motivates many of our kids. They’re very excited by the program and they want to be in school that day. They’re actively involved, so there’s physical activity. With the [MJKO] leaders there are really good connections. [They’re] just good role models. The fact that MJKO brings in the police officers too – those are other solid connections and strong role models – adult role models. Those value pieces along with the physical activity, I mean, if they’re not with us at that after-school program often they’re just by themselves in the park or they’re at home watching TV. So I think it’s a fantastic program.”

-Toronto District School Board principal

Testimonials: Girls Only Participant

“Sports are great because I meet every one of my friends at MJKO...[and] without sports I wouldn't be the person I am today.”

-MJKO Girls-Only Participant

Mentoring Juniors Kids Organization

MJKO is a charitable organization. Our vision is to build Community Champions.