General Overview

MJKO is a charitable organization that promotes positive and healthy lifestyle choices through mentoring and leadership training in a safe and encouraging environment. MJKO was co-founded by Ibrahim and Miranda Kamal in 2010 to share the life skills they learned through boxing. Miranda is a survivor of sexual assault as a teen and rediscovered her strength as a competitive boxer. Ibrahim, grew up in one of Toronto’s priority neighborhoods and went on to become an eight-time National Boxing Champion. Both Miranda and Ibrahim know firsthand how sport can change one’s life for the better.

The mandate of MJKO is to create Community Champions through the sport; specifically non-contact boxing. We focus on the needs of the whole person by teaching the fundamental benefits of social skills development, healthy food choices, mindfulness, belonging and physical activity.

MJKO’s core values include:

  1. All things are possible with training, preparation and belief (confidence);
  2. Everyone has a duty to maintain and improve their community;
  3. All children and youth should have access to high quality, free fitness-based programming;
  4. Physical fitness is a cornerstone for a healthy, happy and balanced life; and,
  5. Positive relationships among people are the foundation of life.

    Programs and Activities

    MJKO is a Parkdale charity that uses mentoring and leadership training to promote positive, healthy lifestyle choices for children and youth. With certified coaches, MJKO builds Community Champions by focusing on the needs of the whole person through daily, free access to non-contact boxing, which includes physical training (skipping, shadow boxing, defense moves, etc.) and mental skills training (meditation, social skills building, etc.). MJKO programs allow students to develop an appreciation for physical fitness, inclusive communities, mindfulness, healthy eating and volunteerism.

    MJKO provides the following to over 1500 participants annually:

    1. A fun and inclusive atmosphere for children to engage in athletics with certified  coaches;
    2. An innovative approach to youth mental health, using the sport of non-contact boxing as a tool for coping with mental health related challenges such as aggression, trauma, anxiety, depression, grief, and suicidal thoughts;
    3. Access to nutritious food at every program;
    4. A free March break and summer day camp for children ages 5-18; and,
    5. Volunteer positions, mentorship and paid employment opportunities for youth.