General Program Overview

At MJKO’s core, we teach Ontario youth to be Community Champions through an appreciation for physical fitness. We do this through the Blueprint program, which is comprised of an interactive and skill building curriculum. The Blueprint program focuses on five basic components:

  1. Physical activity
  2. Social skills development
  3. Mental skills training
  4. Nutrition
  5. Commitment to community through the sport of non-contact boxing

MJKO’s Blueprint Program takes place during a weekly two hour class. During this time, coaches focus on the skills that are acquired through focused athletic training, such as skipping, shadow-boxing, calisthenics, mental-skills training and learning to respect peers. All exercises are completed without any physical contact with opponents while working to develop the skills that are required to succeed as a boxer. Each class engages participants in 90 minutes of vigorous physical activity and 30 minutes of sports-based education and nutrition. Although the class’ structure is similar each week, the content changes based on the focus of the program that day.

Promoting physical fitness is the core of the Blueprint program. That being said, MJKO also works to develop our participant’s social development, mental skills training, and commitment to community involvement.

The Blueprint program focuses on three stages for the Canadian Sport for Life Long Team Athlete Development Plan, namely:

  1. FUNdamentals
  2. Learning to Train
  3. Active for Life

The program is designed to create community champions. It rewards leadership and participation with the opportunity to attend various sports, arts and cultural events, including: plays, musicals, sporting events and trips to the museum.

Within the Blueprint framework there are six main programs that MJKO offers to its clients:

  1. Champion Centre (Boxing Gym)
  2. Wave Your Flag
  3. Take the Lead
  4. My Turn to Coach
  5. Ace Your Interview
  6. Hearing the Deaf

They currently have five host locations with programming:

  • Champion Centre (Boxing Gym)
  • Monday’s: Parkdale Public School
  • Tuesday’s: Central Toronto Academy
  • Wednesday’s: Queen Victoria Public School