Main Programs

1.Champion Centre (Boxing Gym)

The Champion Centre runs free boxing (recreational & competitive) for youth aged 6-18, daily in South Parkdale.  It’s an inclusive sport training environment made available for youth looking for a safe place to grow, play and learn.

Champions Centre Hours

Monday to Thursday

  • 3:15 PM-4:00PM (Home Work)
  • 4:00PM-5:30PM Class 1
  • 5:30PM -7:00PM Class 2
  • 7:00PM – 8:00PM Class 3

*We ask that kids coming to the Centre alone (under 14 years old) attend the earlier classes.  If a parent or guardian will be picking their child up, they are welcome to attend the later classes.

Friday’s are Girl’s Only

  • 3:15PM – 6:30 PM Boxing (Drop in anytime)

All necessary equipment is provided by MJKO.  To register please stop by the Centre or email us for a registration form.

The below private programs are run through our after schools and Community Centre located at programs at:

  • Monday’s: Parkdale Public School
  • Tuesday’s: Ryerson Community School and Downtown Music Academy
  • Wednesday’s: Queen Victoria Public School
  • Saturday’s: Waterfront Neighbourhood Centre (Last Saturday of the month = Sept 30, Oct 28, Nov 25,)

2.Wave Your Flag
In conjunction with the Pan Am Games or Olympic Games, MJKO is hosts it’s annual “Wave Your Flag, Boxing Challenge.” Participants will learn proper Olympic style boxing and some interesting facts about some of the countries boxing at the games. Students represent one country throughout the challenge and they are expected to research this country and share facts with respect to their history participating in the Pan Am Games or Olympics. They also get to take part in a mock opening ceremonies that includes the parade of nations, the singing of Oh Canada and the official games creeds.

3.Take the Lead (Round I)
This program builds upon the foundation set in the “My Turn to Coach” program allowing students to take on the role as head coach. This program provides further training for MJKO participants to be successful in today’s competitive job market. Each youth leader accepted into Take the Lead will receive leadership training, CPR training, and boxing coaching certification. The goal is to successfully host one fun and high quality Neighborhood Games boxing event in their community.

Round II
The “Round II” program will build upon the foundation set in the Take the Lead Round I. This program provides 44 hours of skill-based training for 14 youth volunteers. Eight youth will earn their provincial boxing coaching certification, CRP certification and FUNdamental Skills Movements. Six will become fully Certified at the National level and host one international Playing for Keeps event in Cuba. The 14 Community Champions will deliver 9 Neighbourhood Games events, providing accessible fitness programming for approximately 250 currently inactive youth in Central Toronto. The games will introduce all participants to the spirit and culture of sports. This is in line with the Games promotion of inclusion, respect, sportsmanship and fun.

4.My Turn to Coach
This challenge is a youth directed initiative where students become the coach, coaches become the students, and MJKO community volunteers become the mentors. This experience is designed to help long-term MJKO participants feel comfortable and confident delivering a 120 minute workout class from start to finish. Youth coaches are assigned to a MJKO mentor for support and guidance throughout their preparation and event. Each youth leader must create and deliver a program outline; document the program for the MJKO training manual; research and prepare a snack for participants; create educational questions for group; and, create an invoice for their class and reimbursement of the snacks.

5.Ace Your Interview (16+)
To address the barriers faced by many of our students, MJKO will bring in a volunteer human resource professional to teach students how to successfully ace a job interview. Youth will participate in a 20 minute mini-course at the beginning of each class, discussing the following topics: punctuality, proper interview etiquette (Body language, eye contact, politeness, etc.), dressing for success, what to bring to your interview, and thank you etiquette.

Mind Your Manners (<16+)
This program was designed for MJKO’s younger participants 16 years of age and under. The content focus on learning basic etiquette, such as:
1. Introducing Yourself: What to Do When You Meet Someone New.
2. Please and Thank You: Why Are Good Manners So Important?
3. Appearance and Body Language: What You DON’T Say Tells People a Lot.
4. Dining Etiquette: How to Eat Like a Lady or a Gentleman.
5. Broken Telephone: How to Answer the Phone, Take a Message, & Use of Your Cellular Phone in Public.
6. Speaking in Public – Practice Makes Perfect!
7. Overcoming Overreactions: Think Before You Speak!
8. Email Etiquette: How to Communicate to Ensure Respect/Understanding.
9. Physical Hygiene: Look, Smell, and Feel like a Million Bucks!
10. Sports Transferrable Skills – Learn it HERE…use it THERE!!!

6.Hearing the Deaf (not currently running)
This program creates a safe and encouraging environment for deaf and hard of hearing students to learn a new sport. The program was also developed to give the hearing MJKO students and coaches an appreciation for her daily challenges as a deaf athlete and volunteer. This program is taught with an American Sign Language interpreter on site.