Yukty Sakya

NCCP Level One Boxing Coach

Meet Yukty, a dedicated and engaged member of the Parkdale community. In 2022, she achieved the title of NCCP Level 1 Boxing Coach after volunteering for a few months at MJKO. Yukty’s involvement with MJKO began because her son Mayank has been a member for a long time, and he started attending boxing when he was only eight years old. Yukty now assists in coaching our “Girls Only” program on a part-time basis.

Yukty played a crucial role as a lead volunteer at MJKO during the pandemic. She helped manage the emergency food program, distributing over $300,000 worth of free food to the community during lockdowns. Her contribution was essential to the program’s success.

Yukty, who grew up in Nepal, has always been involved in sports, with basketball and swimming being her main interests. She studied social work in her home country and has worked for the past eight years as a full-time Family Support Worker for EarlyON in Parkdale.


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