Safia Ali

Program Manager F.A.B (Fit Active Brave)
NCCP Level 2 Boxing Coach

Growing up, Safia was raised with 7 siblings. Most of her experience with children started when she was young, being a sister. She learned how to be patient and work with children in a caring and supportive way. Her love for children has continued to grow to this day, and being around young people makes Safia feel happy and comfortable. She believes that it takes a community to create change and our youth are precious and unique; each child something amazing to add to the MJKO family.

Safia returned to Toronto in 2015 from Nairobi, Kenya where she lived for about 4 years. During this time she gained a lot of knowledge regarding youth in Africa, as well as the different challenges they face. While in Kenya, Safia volunteered as a Children’s Activity Coordinator at a children’s home called ‘Happy Life Children’s Home’ and at a UN refugee camp called ‘Dadaab’. After these experiences, Safia realized that working with youth is her passion in life.

Safia joined the MJKO family in 2016 as a Program Coordinator with no boxing background whatsoever.  She is now a certified Level 2 Boxing Ontario Coach through the National Coaching Certification program, holds a certificate from the Canadian Commission of Mental Health for Mental Health First Aid for Adults working with Youth.  She is the Program Manager for MJKO’s F.A.B (Fit Active Brave) Girls Program.

Over time, she has learned so much about the sport of boxing that now she tells everyone she knows the benefits of the sweet science. Safia has grown into a confident coach and leader. She has a passion for working with youth and enjoys being a mentor. She takes pride in making others smile.  Safia brings with her past experience working with children and youth.

Safia chose to work with MJKO because she loves the cause and the reason for the organization.  She grew up in a Regent Park, Toronto, and remembers that there were not organizations like MJKO to keep youth occupied and out of trouble when she was living there. Safia loves the fact that MJKO gives the youth something to look forward to and keeps them off the streets using boxing as a tool for overcoming stress, aggression and anxiety.

MJKO is not only a boxing organization, but also an educational organization that supports and motivates children to become great community leaders which is why she stills works here today.  “I love being a part of an organization that brings youth together giving them a sense of belonging and supports them in moving towards a brighter future. I am lucky to say that I was blessed to be involved with an organization like MJKO so early in my career.  I honestly wake up excited to go to work every day. The MJKO family is definitely one of a kind. The staff at MJKO all genuinely care about the happiness and well-being of our youth.”

Qualification & Awards:

  • Level Two Boxing Certification, First Aid & CPR
  • Toronto Foundation’s Playing for Keep Volunteer Ambassador training 2016
  • MJKO 2017 Akeem Francis Inspire Others Award
  • Food Safety Training Certification 2018
  • Mental Health First Aid for Adults Who Interact with Youth Certification 2018

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