Patricia Jollymore

Patricia Jollymore

Volunteer Minute Taker and Events


Patricia Jollymore has worn many hats over her working lifetime. In 2015 she retired from Canada Post, where she worked as a clerk and postmaster. Some of her other hats included working for Sears Canada as a phone operator, data entry for the Bank of Montreal, cold call phone surveys and with various Federal Government Departments as an Engineering Clerk. Her favourite title was “Mom” to Morgan and Miranda.

Like her work life, her volunteer life was also full. A volunteer for nearly 50 years, she has volunteered in local schools; she received the Sport Nova Scotia Volunteer of the Year award for supporting Table Tennis. She is recorded in the Nova Scotia House of Assembly for exemplary service, diligence and consistency in her postal duties. And for one day a week for over a decade, she could be found at the Salvation Army’s Halifax Citadel Church, preparing and serving meals for people struggling with housing security in support of the “Feed the Need” program.

As we call her, Patti has been taking the minutes at MJKO Board meetings for over a decade. She also helps edit grants and newsletters. Not to mention when she is in town for the annual meetings she cooks for the community.

She believes everyone is responsible for giving back to their community in some form, whether physically doing a volunteer job with the public; mentally with faith, prayers and good vibes; or financially in whatever capacity you can.


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