Miranda Kamal

Founder / Head Coach MJKO

Executive Director, Programs Manager, International Boxing Association (AIBA) 2 Star Boxing Coach, Coaching Association of Canada, Advanced Coaching Diploma Graduate, Canadian Sport Institute of Ontario, Head Coach MJKO


Her Story

MJKO was founded by Miranda Kamal, who now serves as the Executive Director/Program Manager and Head Coach. As a survivor of sexual assault at 16, Kamal took up the sport of boxing as part of her healing process.  Canadian Silver Medalist Egerton Marcus took her under his wing and together they prepared her for her first competitive bout. Kamal, being a true entrepreneur, was creative in her marketing and focused on building a loyal client base as a mortgage broker with personal monthly newsletters. This created interest leading to a full 45 minute film documentary on Miranda’s journey to the ring for the first time.

Shortly after starting her competitive career, Miranda was forced to hang up the gloves due to a serious non-boxing related spinal cord injury.  In June, 2009 Miranda was rushed to Toronto Western where she was admitted for emergency room, spine surgery presenting with cauda equina syndrome.

At that moment, Miranda vowed that, if she recovered from surgery and was able to walk, she would make her dream of helping kids a reality.  She stuck to her  word and in October 22, 2010,  Mentoring Juniors Kids Organization (MJKO) was founded.

The dream is to shape our youth into future leaders by using the sport of non-contact boxing to get kids moving, thinking about healthy food choices, believing in impossible dreams and understanding the value of volunteerism.

Boxing has become Miranda’s life. In November 2011, she married 8 Time National Champion, Ibrahim Kamal. She successfully helped Ibrahim transition from amateur boxing to a professional contract with one of the fight games biggest promoters: Eye of the Tiger Management (EOTTM). It was there where Miranda supported Head Coach, Mike Moffa and EOTTM’s owner, Camille Estephan in managing Ibrahim’s career.  When her husband was forced to retire with a 9W (6KO) and 2 (L) record due to injury, they both focused their full energy on helping youth have access to free boxing.  Together, with the help of many supporters, MJKO has helped over 10,000 youth, aged 6 -18 throughout Toronto’s priority neighborhoods.

Miranda acted as Executive Director to MJKO on a voluntary basis from 2010 until mid-2014. After being awarded a 2014 Ontario Trillium Foundation Grant, Miranda was formally employed as the Programs Manager of MJKO’s I’M A CHAMP program. In 2015, MJKO received an Ontario Sports and Recreation Communities Fund Grant which was used to employ Miranda to deliver the Blueprint program for the 2015-2016 school year.  In late 2016, MJKO was successful at  attaining $374,000 Ontario Trillium Foundation Grow Grant. Since the start of that program, 1,784 youth have been taught boxing as a tool for good mental and physical health.

MJKO has made many strides within the community due to Miranda’s desire to help others. For Miranda, coaching and helping others is not a job, it’s a lifestyle. Her ability to provide the encouragement, support and empathy required by MJKO students earned her the 2012 Ontario Coaches Association (CAO) Trailblazer Award. This achievement was earned based on her “outside the box thinking, making a notable difference within the community and her ability to succeed traveling the road less traveled in hopes of changing the sport of boxing for the better” as noted by the CAO.

In 2015, Mrs. Kamal was selected as a TO2015 Pan American Games Athlete Ambassador with Motivate Canada to provide motivational talks to high school youth getting them excited about the upcoming games.

Miranda acquired her Advanced Coaching Diploma through National Coaching Certification Program at the Canadian Sport Institute in 2018. She also holds her Level One Official certification.  In 2017, Miranda had her first athlete make the Ontario Provincial Team winning a SIlver medal at the Provincial Championships. Miranda has led the MJKO team to raised over $500,000 in donated funds to support our free programs.  These funds have ensured all kids, no matter their social economic background, have access to free boxing training in Toronto.

In 2016,  she was on an advisory team, meeting with Mayor John Tory to discuss city building and whether Toronto should make an Olympic bid. Under Miranda’s leadership, MJKO has formed invaluable partnerships and continues to break down barriers on a daily bases.  Miranda Kamal was invited to speak about the success of MJKO partnership with the local station at the Pearls of Policing conference in 2017, a global think tank where Police Chiefs from around the world met to discuss the strategic challenges of making cities safe.

In 2018, Miranda traveled to Rohtak, India where she successfully passed her International Boxing Association (AIBA) 2 Star Boxing Coach certification exams.  She joins 26 other women, worldwide with this certification. The AIBA Two Star allows Miranda to coach any International Olympic Commission (IOC) events as a Second. The last course in this certification process is AIBA level 3, which would allow her to act as the Head Coach at any IOC events. Miranda will pursue that certification over the next few years.

Awards and Certifications

  • 2018 AIBA Two Star, Rohtak, India
  • 2017 AIBA One Star, Montreal
  • 2017 Nominated for MP Canada 150 Award
  • 2017 Commit To Kids For Coaches, Canadian Centre for Child Protection External PD
  • 2017 Get Leashed, Doggy Style, Magazine feature
  • 2017 NCCP Coach Developer Facilitator Training
  • 2017 City Mogul Award
  • 2016 Nominated for the Toronto Sports Hall of Honour
  • 2016 Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport, True Sport Clean Certification
  • 2016 Ontario’s Leading Women, Leading Girls, Building Communities Award Winner
  • 2016 PriceWaterhouseCooper Leadership Award
  • 2015 Vital People Award Winner Toronto Foundation
  • 2015 National Coaching Certification Program Level 3 Multi Sport Coach
  • 2015 TO2015 Pan American Games Athlete Ambassador
  • 2014 Westjet Above and Beyond Feature
  • 2014 Nominated for Prime Ministers Volunteer Award
  • 2013 Boxing Canada Level 3 Certified Boxing Coach
  • 2013 Gift of Giving Globe and Mail Feature
  • 2013 CBC Metro Morning Guest
  • 2013 CBC As It Happens Guest
  • 2013 Community Hero Award, George Chuvalo
  • 2013 Boxing Ontario Official
  • 2012 Everest Academy S.E.L.F Award Winner (Leadership Category)
  • 2012 Ontario Coaching Excellence Trailblazer Award Winner
  • 2010 Toronto Business Development Centre Excellence in Youth Entrepreneur Semi-
  • 2010 Youth Assisting Youth Peer Mentor Volunteer 10 years
  • 2009 Ontario Volunteer Service Award 5 Years



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