Miranda Kamal

Founder / Head Coach MJKO


Executive Director, Programs Manager, International Boxing Association (AIBA) 2 Star Boxing Coach, Coaching Association of Canada, Advanced Coaching Diploma Graduate, Canadian Sport Institute of Ontario, Head Coach MJKO


Her Story


MJKO was founded by Miranda Kamal, who now serves as the Executive Director/Program Manager and Head Coach. As a survivor of sexual assault at 16, Kamal took up the sport of boxing as part of her healing process. Canadian Silver Medalist Egerton Marcus took her under his wing and together they prepared her for her first competitive bout. As a mortgage broker, Kamal focused on building trust and a loyal client base by sharing monthly newsletters that were about her boxing goals and personal setbacks. One of her clients showed interest in sharing her story and created a full 45 minute film documentary about Miranda’s journey into the ring for the first time.

Shortly after starting her competitive career, Miranda was forced to hang up the gloves due to a serious non-boxing related spinal cord injury. In June 2009, Miranda was rushed to Toronto Western where she was admitted to the emergency room. Presenting cauda equina syndrome, she required spine surgery immediately.

At that moment, Miranda vowed that, if she recovered from surgery and was able to walk, she would quit her job as a mortgage broker and devote her life to the sport of boxing. She stuck to her word and in October 22, 2010, Mentoring Juniors Kids Organization (MJKO) was founded.

The dream was to create Community Champions through sport; specifically non-contact boxing. Focusing on the needs of the whole person, teaching the fundamental benefits of social skills development, healthy food choices, mindfulness, belonging and physical activity.

In November 2011, she married 8 Time National Champion, Ibrahim Kamal. She successfully helped Ibrahim transition from amateur boxing to a professional contract with one of the fight game’s biggest promoters: Eye of the Tiger Management (EOTTM). It was there where Miranda supported Head Coach, Mike Moffa and EOTTM’s owner, Camille Estephan in managing Ibrahim’s career. When her husband was forced to retire with a 9W (6KO) and 2 (L) record due to injury, they both focused their full energy on helping youth have access to free boxing. Together, with the help of many supporters, MJKO has helped over 10,000 youth, aged 6 -18 throughout Toronto‚Äôs priority neighborhoods.


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