Anya Karir

Youth Coach

NCCP Level 1

ASL, Office Admin


My name is Anya Karir. I am a certified Level 1 Boxing Coach. I am also a translator. I help translate American Sign Language (ASL) and provide one-on-one personal training for people wanting to learn ASL. I have been a part of MJKO for many years now. I joined because I was battling depression. MJKO seemed like a great way to get healthy and interact with my community. I enjoyed boxing, The classes are so much fun and everyone is so nice to me.

I volunteer/work with MJKO because I like to help others. My goal is to be a teacher. Boxing and leading others is helping me work towards that goal. It also allows me to give back to the community which I think is really important. I have run a few boxing challenges where we invited deaf and hard of hearing students to try boxing for the first time. It was amazing being able to share my boxing skills with the deaf community. I’m now totally over my depression and want to thank those who have helped me over the years.

When I’m not helping in the coaching role, I can be found teaching our founder Miranda Kamal ASL. We meet weekly learning and practice basic sign language. As of recently, I have started helping around the office. I help with data entry, book keeping and survey roll ups.

I have my First Aid and CPR Certificate. I am also a certified Boxing Ontario referee and judge.

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