Katrina Mei

Communications Volunteer

Our Communications Coordinator, Katrina, volunteers to manage MJKO’s general email boxes while attending full-time classes at Toronto Metropolitan University. She is a committed student pursuing a degree in Computer Science. She won a 2022 Amazon Future Engineers grant of $30,000. She strongly believes in the power of technology to provide equitable access and opportunities for everyone in the digital world.

Katrina has been a volunteer with MJKO since August 2021. During the pandemic, she took on a leadership role in supporting the Emergency Food Program, which provided free and healthy food to 120 families during the lockdowns. Her dedication and efforts have greatly benefited Toronto’s youth.

In 2022, Katrina arranged for 25 young people to receive coding training during a summer camp. She loves technology and wants to share this passion with others. Katrina believes that technology can bring people together and empower under-resourced communities. She envisions a future where technology breaks barriers, promotes inclusivity, and encourages innovation. By promoting equity and inclusivity, Katrina hopes to create a society that values and respects every individual’s worth and dignity.

Katrina’s dedication to MJKO and the border community is greatly appreciated.


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