Saahithi Gundloory

Day Camp Leader


My name is Saahithi Gundloory. I was born and raised in the heart of Toronto. Growing up in Toronto has been a delight being surrounded by its culture and kindness. I am fortunate to be brought up in a household with parents who raised me well, because of their upbringing. I have mirrored their work ethic, and perseverance to succeed. MJKO has taught me to never quit. In the past five years, MJKO has created a safe place that has made me feel accepted and welcomed. After two years of my life spent at home because of COVID-19 , I am grateful to meet an amazing group of people. I have helped by volunteering with the younger kids after school classes twice a week for the past four months. This has encouraged me to continue and with time I have become a stronger individual both mentally and physically by being surrounded by supportive people. I am 16-year-old, and I am still growing and trying to figure my life out. I am determined at achieving my goals.

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